Discover the secret side of Indonesia with your own private wildlife scientist right beside you

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Aaranya is a private, Australian owned and operated travel company specialising in science- based tours. Accredited by Ecotourism Australia as an Eco-certified Nature Tourism operation, our out-of-the-ordinary adventure tours are for those with a preference for the road less travelled.

This is the Aaranya promise to you – the voyage of a lifetime and the chance of an unforgettable and life-changing experience.                         

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Our aim is to deliver an exclusive blend! We offer responsible wildlife discovery in more exclusive locations than the norm, expert tour leaders with serious credentials, and luxury. Journey with us and encounter a rich and remarkable mix of wildlife, plant and marine life, rainforest and beach, reefs, subterranean landscapes and mountains. 

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At once intimate and adventurous, our tour groups are limited in size, offering you an unmatched off-the-beaten-track travel experience away from the maddening crowd. Led by our team of eminent researchers, biologists and local rangers, you’ll dive deep into wildlife, people and culture of Indonesia, and explore the balance between conservation, traditional ways of life and the natural environment. 



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