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Ethical tourism

A key part of the Aaranya ideology is that our capacity as a business partner is of tangible benefit to the conservation of areas we visit and species we observe. We believe our guests, too, appreciate knowing that their travel dollar has influence in this way.

reduce, reuse and recycle

Aaranya are active in ensuring that our activities have minimal impact on the environment. This is done through a thorough plan to minimising waste generation through reduce, reuse and recycle policies, which includes an emphasis on e-marketing and communicating by electronic means wherever possible as well as not using disposable food containers or packaging during tours. 

animal welfare

As a group with genuine interest in animal welfare, we have a strict code of conduct with regard to interaction with wildlife. We elect not to handle animals unless it is absolutely necessary in order to explain about a particular feature and can be achieved legally and without causing harm. This approach is safer for both the animal and our tour group travellers. The same principles apply when diving with large marine animals. We maintain the standard code of conduct with regard to safe and respectful distance.

We also have a natural concern for the wellbeing of the people with whom you will come in contact, and of course consider it an imperative to preserve the splendour and integrity of the natural world. We partner with locally-owned businesses and community groups for transportation, catering and other hospitality services, and encourage you to savour the culture, cuisine and hospitality of your local hosts. 

the community

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