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We believe an Aaranya adventure is a cut above the rest, for reasons as many and various as the fish in the sea. 

intellectually stimulating

Our tour leaders include wildlife specialists and conservation managers, all with years of experience in the species groups and ecosystems you will visit. Their deep knowledge and insight into the rare and endangered species of the region, and its natural environment, are guaranteed to lift your experience into a different realm. We also explore the impact of human interaction with eco-systems and wildlife, adding a further dimension to your understanding of these special places.

singular service & luxurious

We believe that the optimal travel group size is small enough to feel as if you’re exploring independently, but big enough to stimulate a good social vibe. A smaller group allows our tour leaders to give you a more personal service. It makes connecting with local people and hosts easier and more rewarding. 

At the end of a day of getting up close and personal with wildlife, and venturing into far-flung places, we believe you’ve earned the chance to collapse into the arms of luxury. We’ve chosen the places that distinguish themselves in delivering the ultimate in luxury while still be highly environmentally conscious.

exclusive & private adventures

We offer a splendid niche within the travel sector, blending science-based wildlife experiences with consummate luxury and exclusivity. We opt for locations largely overlooked by other operators, giving you the chance to see and hear wildlife away from the crowds in more tranquil and undisturbed places. 

An Aaranya journey can also be taken as private tour, where you specify the wildlife that you like to observe or the locations you like to visit along with your interested dates and people you want to share the experience with.

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